Rob Sheridan, one of the creators behind DC’s upcoming High Level comic series and NIN’s former art director, swallowed an unmeasured handful of ‘shrooms before heading into see the “disasterpiece” known as Cats. He soon regretted it. Cannot overstate what a terrible idea this was. Thought it’d be funny but it was HORROR. The shrooms […]

I’m like, eighty percent certain that this kitty’s going to kill whoever it is holding the camera, just as soon as it figures out that it can survive crossing a hallway filled with aluminum foil.

When businesses need a database, Microsoft Access is the tool they use to build it. Companies around the world have been using Access to set up, maintain and modify their systems for years now. Needless to say, knowing your way around that software is key if you want to do database or IT work today. […]

If you’ve got an Apple Watch, you’re all about convenience. These trusty devices can deliver your messages, email and other smartphone perks anywhere you go. Which is why it’s a bit of a downer when you have to bring it back home to charge it up. Sure, the standard Apple charger is wireless, but it’s […]

Is that sleek new iPhone a little too sleek? There is not, as it turns out, an app for that. But if you need a classic arcade fix, there is a case for it. The GAMECASE is a retro gamer’s dream: A functional iPhone case that also turns your screen into a battleground for the […]

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